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the problems of unemployment and poverty with this model failed and it failed not only in latin america it is also failing in developed economies as it was today we see it failing in the us and europe this is why people in our part of the world gladly embrace the idea of a radical change in our country's need sovereignty and independence in every area political independence is impossible without social and economic independence today a new reality is gradually emerging in latin american and caribbean nations they have more freedom today to determine their future president hugo chavez in recent victory what will definitely help latin america and the caribbean to continue on the path of change. that this election has been the closest that venezuela's opposition has ever come to victory some say the people of venezuela a tired of the present government what do you make of it but. the truth is
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a one point advantage already counts as victory in politics as well as in there's no such thing as a greater victory no matter if you are one point or one hundred points ahead with a victory is a victory i think what we have seen in venezuela which is this there had been considerable efforts invested to prevent hugo chavez from winning the election but all in vain i see it as a fiasco the entire right wing trend which had been supported by the united states and europe this was that of the following that sampling of president fernando hoover and the ring right there was speculation that we are in so in one area of how likely do you consider such a scenario today. in america in fact also in latin america have never managed to make coups a thing of the past and i'm afraid this might never happen and i believe there will be an implicit threat of a coup as long as a conservative forces in the united states. take interest in disrupting any
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development aimed at upsetting the current global hierarchy these forces in the gauger local groups in our countries in covert activities and we've seen it happen across latin america and the caribbean will say you think there's a connection between miliband paraguayan attempted coup inadequate or any military coup in honduras yes that is a fact that there's going to take the attempted overthrowing president chavez in venezuela in april two thousand and two for example next came akuetteh in honduras aimed at hampering the development of a unified latin america then there was an explicit and very forceful attempt at a coup in bolivia aimed against president evo morales then there was an attempted coup against president a rafael correa in ecuador and most recently the plot to force the paraguayan president out of power i think this will remain and place it threat but it will gradually losing the ability over time due to the rising drive for change that
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we've seen gaining momentum in latin america this movement is based on respect for the will of the people and this is what will make coups increasingly harder to pull off time after time yet we shouldn't rule out such a possibility altogether not as long as we remain at all as well it forces the strive for global domination and believe that the world is supposed to bend the knee to them but they still don't realize that we no longer live in an era of hendra many so there will remain a hidden latent minutes for the time being when. in july two thousand and twelve the national assembly of nicaragua adopted a law to build a canal that would connect the caribbean to the pacific this would not merrily give a boost to the nicaraguan economy but actually promote yukon change to one of the region's reaches economies when is the canal scheduled for completion. indeed and a vision of such a canal goes back as long as the history of nicaragua for five centuries you know nobody. ever since the spanish conquest on later on great britain rival it with
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spain for control of iraq are thinking there was a natural motorway here it sort of existed or by way of the san juan river that springs from lake nicaragua but one section was missing that he was a canal across the narrow isthmus of reverse because of that our country ended up in the middle of geopolitical speeds and became a target for us expansionist policies that only nicaragua lost all independence after the us invasion but what's important here is that this project has always been on the books with a good i went over a century ago the americans themselves looked into building a canal in nicaragua but then they decided to invest in the panama canal early but once we became independent we revisited this with it and now we're working to make it real we feel that the project is getting on track now as a matter of fact over the region doesn't need one more transit route the panama
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canal cannot satisfy the current demand for international transportation especially freight traffic that way even with a view to expanding the panama canal which is currently under way but it will still leave a lot to be desired in terms of traffic speed and waiting time and our canal would not serve to substitute the panama canal but rather to complement it there's similar logic here is in urban planning the more roads you have in your city the better the traffic we're looking at providing our region with two major waterway routes instead of a lot of this would it harms the region's transit capabilities bring down transit costs and thus benefit global trade in general that it is serving not just our own interests as an economy that those of the entire international community will support for nicaragua it would also mean independence giving us access to resources and the kind of revenues that would enable us to account. highly self-sufficient as
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of now we're a dependent economy there's nothing wrong with interdependence in the complimentarity one way dependency is bad for anyone so when will nicaragua finally get its chance . very soon i hope that there is a lot of work being done chinese companies are in charge of the project and we expected to be accomplished rather quickly that it was initially expected to take ten years if i'm not mistaken. because we think it is possible to get it done within a shorter period the exact timeline will be determined by the companies involved in the project once they assess its profitability and get down to construction after that or what i will have a better idea about the time frame is than yours this year the united states has thurman aided its annual aid commitment the nicaragua how has that affected your country by this. is highly vulnerable is an economy throughout our history our economy has suffered at the hands of the u.s.
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and its policies the city of grenada for example what he thought was burnt to the ground falling prey to america's expansionist policies all those wars and military invasions the us has sponsored or provoked on there has even been a ruling by the international court of justice binding the united states to compensate michael reich over for losses but the u.s. has ignored. of course the fact that the us has terminated what they call aid to nicaragua has had negative consequences for our people and our country but in reality that was no way to me what the americans call aid was really tiny installments in payment of the enormous debt the u.s. owed to nicaragua it was no aid no cooperation that was merely an allowance they paid us with passing it for aid and cooperation with it with it and it came with tight conditions attached to the world so we cannot talk of nicaragua as a sovereign and independent nation but as long as long as we remain. critically
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dependent upon the knighted states and its current political trends its prevalent frame of mind and the amount of influence radical groups enjoy there at any given moment of time because those are the groups that want to lead to term in us foreign policies they are the ones who can test in court all us cooperation programs will make the nicaragua and even call for using force against latin american nations and the das to hand up for our independence but that is why terminating any form out of the cooperation of people is bound to have and negative impact on the curriculum that is exactly what makes it so important for us to ensure that our nation should no longer be dependent upon this sort of conditional cooperation with the that the united states well the european union the us has essentially pursued a policy of racket all of these are very nicaragua and its people this is unfair they are and undemocratic they're not supporting liberty they're promoting
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servitude this is what prompts us to get the canal done as soon as possible it would relieve us of our present dependency upon the u.s. and we were and they're hedging monic policies one of our men that are in the united states is all set for a presidential election where any god was expectations in this regard. i believe this is an election where the american people should vote for their government to commit itself to a peaceful foreign policy agenda that is what i see as most important and the best thing a united states could do for the world is pursue peace not war a policy of peace would enable us to be more successful in addressing its domestic as well as global economic challenges providing upward they have to seek an alternative to the neo liberal plan a sense of what that were predominant among capitalist economies in recent years ago and have proved to be such a failure one autumn of that what do you idea of perfect world what we're already
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seeing it for latin america in the united states or russia. in the the my mature way are already heading that way despite efforts from certain forces to prevent this kind of a change i mean the american far right who won't even tolerate a president such as barack obama they denounce him merely because of his african origins and the color of law in yet these forces grow weaker with time the same is happening in europe as a reality itself sends a signal to the nations that used to feel like they ruled the world until recently the one above telling them the world can no longer go on with and you want to get it out it was reality that has shaped the world what we know today as a multi-polar world owned regardless of whether hedge monic powers choose to move along with the rest of the world where the world favors multi-polar ity and we are moving in that direction or we hope those in power in the world's most advanced economies will finally realize that the path they had been following thinking it to
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be a path toward peace stability growth and development that has eventually brought them to the verge of disaster and they're the ones heading towards a cliff in the past up or they used to drive us toward self-destruction this time they are themselves. in the political house their only option is to change themselves and to that end they need to evolve and to promote a world order to be in line with international new un principles and the laws of international trade in a multi-polar world as are you so you believe this is reality rather than wishful thinking it is reality but i'm sure that we already see it happening mr president thank you for your time. with us thank you.
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losers that takes your breath away few tourists travel to these parts no prepackaged comfort but they joy is a while this guaranteed if gainey is a zoology professor he works in the u.s. and travels to these remote areas in washington every summer as he says he confines untouched landscapes like this anywhere else in the world why going off the list below sea line. if i go wrong the wrong and surprising it will go straight to the water and so we did our plan to get closer to the sea lion and shake its flipper failed before. one animal whose par you definitely wouldn't want to shake here is the brown bear you can literally spot a grizzly here but every small weaver this sort of bears are fulfilled up to have a very good sense of smell beautiful soup i will have to keep an aisle when they're
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at home or both of them i'm told i could be game for. yes michelle but people require. it. and quiet we went but the wind was not on our side and the bear. got away they're usually the first to avoid contact with humans but during spawning time when both people and bears go fishing people often shoot at them to scare them away and every year here in the region you hear about someone being killed by the predators but at the mugger down nature reserve where we are no one disturbs the bears peanuts another local resident who hates his peace being disturbed here is the. eagle in has a wingspan of two and a half meters ignace only here in russia far east because of the bundles of salmon and seagulls which feed the giant bird in his studies if gainey focuses on birds so
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he took me to one of his favorite places here mara island it has the biggest colony of seagulls in the region the climb up was tough. but the prize was worth it. if there was no security here it would be no reason there you will have tons of people coming here not just to get some for me on the beach here nothing is guaranteed you have to struggle to get. through sloughing really well you can. predict you have to rely on yourself to back. up to be the bad. maybe feel the wildlife here the lack of visitors is for the better but when you stand on top of the niland like this you just can't help wanting to share the
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beauty. of. the top stories and i'll see as the u.s. reels from killer superstorm sandy some say obama and drawing the bridge tending their disaster relief campaigns have nothing to do with the race for the presidency the storm killed at least forty five people and sparks a meekness cat one floodwaters and threatens atomic power plants cooling systems. also u.k. politicians call stocks has over a million pounds and travel expenses paul funk finding mission is to exultant of the nation's news close to where i'm going to encounter. the u.k. and u.s. intelligence schemes they flog on global terrorism flying high while launching military operations across the globe but some civilians out with pulling follow the
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campaign when they refuse to follow the battle cry. and up next year and he's here with support arms the goals came thick and forced last night especially in the human genome the you know in a very cain food bowl sign knew that they certainly did you are right i tell you what you leave the last time i saw it twelve goals in one day and i can't remember when we've got an interesting sport ahead. thanks indeed for joining us this is for today this wednesday morning in central moscow plenty ahead including. n.b.a. in his sights david plotz resigns us coach of the russian national basketball team after seven largely successful years in north america is believed to be his next. five nights russian kickboxing superstar but you have to call for yourself for his
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third clash of the year in moscow this weekend smith seeks to move closer to the legend this in the ring. take your pick just in case you missed any of the strikes but modern from the week that was in the russian premier league don't worry. you can. let it go with football where we know our first quarter final is from this season's russian cup at reigning league champions and each will be one of them after victory over mordovia on tuesday the twice cup champions seeing off the surrounds man on a two nil scoreline the same petersburg outfit know who's who won the all cross. before those games yes and i say so all fellow second division are fits in a way. in a penalty shoot out after hundred twenty minutes the quarterfinals will take place after the winter break and april. there was no way to mcgeady in the spartak squad for that the feat the irish international has been struggling with
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a foot injury for the past number of weeks on his bottling to be back in time for the red and whites next champions league encounter on november seventh it's also been reported this week that the flu and russian speakers may be offered a guest role on the country's version of x. factor mcghee allegedly once considered taking up a place in a scottish irish boy band called celtic connection before making it as a professional footballer. a night of high drama meanwhile over in england where the league cup took precedence on shoes the reading are still producing the lion share of talking points following their twelve goal thriller simply an incredible much dreadful start for the corner store reading go for no up after thirty seven minutes game over you would have thought but q one of the most remarkable comebacks in recent football history arsenal scoring four without reply to level matters at the end of regular time for forward turned to five five in extra time before theo walcott mariani sealed the deal right up the
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debt seven five arsenal the final score also wins on an eye for leeds middles perth aston villa and bradford. basketball where david blockhouse resigned after seven years in charge of the russian national team the fifty three year old american is really stating quote this is the right time to go but offering personal reasons for leaving the post he took the reins in two thousand and five and two years later gutted russia to their first and so far only european title while this past summer he guided the nation to a meeting a limbic medal at the london games claiming bronze blocked is also coach of is really squad at marquee tel aviv but speculation is rife that he will now take over and be a site. let's talk martial arts for a coffee seeking to add yet another name on the list of kickboxing legends he's defeated got to go drago next stop with the bar it's set to be the main event of the fight nights tournament in moscow on saturday robert for done in has more on
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the build up. you have to beat the best to be the best and has been strictly this simple creed he's arguably russia's brightest keep books and story of the moment with victories over some of the spores greats speaking for themselves albert gross in my exam davis who presented the new sport's most prestigious stage. ok one who'll have been defeated by hussey cafe in moscow over the last two years still not convinced of the deal but the observer votes against b.d.s. well he's earned some fame the only russian to find in k. one but the point is he didn't fight in k one doesn't improve his skills outside russia i'm sure it would be much tougher for him at the worse if the man who's already been there and done it all after. the pride of ukraine and the cream of the crop. here's what i suggest to and his team should do let him have
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a few fights in europe there and show that he's not just a domestic. chess they've been making it to k. one has always been back to his ultimate goal and he has stressed this many times the combat sports industry in russia is on the rise now we can afford bringing top stars here which the problem is that most european promoters cannot provide a worthy offer for a fighter of his caliber but if to only gets an offer he deserves any time anywhere or ready to accept all challenges. end up next in has to go to the top he's got. or drug the intimidating moniker he's earned through his impressive seventy four wins as a pro the twenty seven year old who quit his skills on the show in moscow they said at the white knight show i'm turning out there they know. these guys so i know never liked the fight so i want to see what will happen if i do you know. too
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has worked on his own defense of with constant pressure for a long time we're going it will be no different this time around and goggled drago has always been good at trading punches i think that's where hassett card should be extremely cautious see what there were in the russian martial arts fans will senator had a lot to with becoming a place of attraction to the. the living legends of combat sports the drug issues unveiled a new dream in the russian capital and both himself and a concussion have promised to train there now and then well but do classical masons face one of the greatest players ever in the business but the boy it's a dream fight against bork and i believe this dream is about to come true and the most we've had negotiations in thailand and reached a tentative agreement to hold this fight in moscow this spring proving one skills in a fight like this is something nobody could ever argue about what our
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city. i mean let's head back to football for a recap of the strikes that matter during run thirteen of the russian premier league twenty efforts in all and here are the pick of them it is goals go to war time.
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play lists lead. lead . lives.
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please play. play play play play play. play play play. play legislative . election. go and. illegibly. i some great efforts there and that is all your support for now i'll see you in just under two hours time.
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you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so silly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture. release be cool language. programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on. reporting from the will talks books fifty r.p.m. interviews for intriguing stories to tell you. been trying. to find out more visit our big don't all teeth don't call.
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me that we both agree we agree we have to bring the tax rates down i felt the same as the president did governor romney i'm glad. you agree let's come back to something the president i agree on and there to you agree that the voters have a choice abscesses of you wondering who to vote for what romney and obama agree on so many things remember you do have other options come november sixth going to see the second round of debates between the major third party candidates right here on our t.v. . the government no longer represents the baseball the people are going to take the term . we. literally look. the way our
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economic system they. want. me to save.
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